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Painstaking Writing Made Easy with AI Notetaking Tools

Published 1/11/23 by Mindgrasp

Mindgrasp’s AI notetaking tools can collect information from any source, including websites, youtube videos, and more to automate note taking.

How often have you been bogged down by hand cramps, slow speakers and irrelevant information when researching? Far too often. Research is always filled with lengthy internet videos, droning lectures, countless articles and hours lost. Messy Google Docs get filled with our feeble attempts to record and transcribe everything from our day-to-day conversations to that monotonous seminar you barely survived. This can’t go on forever, can it?

Note-taking apps like Evernote and Google Keep have saved us the excess hardship of organization and neatness for the last decade. Unfortunately, in 2023, even they have their shortcomings. Distinguishing important information from meetings, focusing on conversation details, generating meeting notes and working with video audio are all functions that require an AI powered notetaker. 

These powerful tools can reduce everything from a lengthy YouTube to a multipage textbook reading to a convenient bulleted list.
Artificial intelligence allows services to receive large amounts of data to analyze and synthesize it, leaving you with only the pertinent information you need. With this technology, automatic note takers have seen a rapid growth. Services that use these integrations stay miles ahead of the ones who don’t. 

Unlike note taking competitors, Mindgrasp is able to automatically generate rich notes on videos, articles, passages, readings and more. They cut out the filler info that content creators seem all too fond of these days. Next time you’re tasked with watching a lecture, try out Mindgrasp’s AI tool and see if it really does save you some time!

Mindgrasp's AI Notetaking Tool.

Save time taking notes from videos, lectures, meetings and more with Mindgrasp.