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Don Lemon Fired from CNN

washingtonpost.com | April 25th, 2023

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Don Lemon’s Departure from CNN
CNN hosts addressed the sudden departure of their co-anchor, Don Lemon, with warm words and a statement from CEO Chris Licht. They did not address reports of backstage tensions or accusations of sexism.

Rise of Fox News
Lemon left his prime-time slot last fall to join the morning show, which has struggled in ratings. Fox News, in contrast, only briefly addressed the firing of their anchor Tucker Carlson.

Pressure on “CNN This Morning”
A leading face of “CNN This Morning,” Don Lemon, faced pressure from the network due to poor ratings, declining advertiser interest, and making controversial comments on air.

Detailed Notes

CNN hosts address firing of former co-anchor Don Lemon

•CNN hosts Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins welcomed viewers to their daily news show and addressed the sudden firing of their former co-anchor, Don Lemon.

•Harlow read a statement from CNN chief executive Chris Licht thanking Don for his contributions over the past 17 years and stating that Don will forever be a part of the CNN family.

•Collins agreed and mentioned Lemon’s important role on the show over the last six months.

•Harlow expressed gratitude for Lemon’s support and friendship during their 15 years of working together.

•The hosts also reassured viewers of their dedication to bringing them news every morning and thanked them for welcoming them into their homes.

•The approach to Lemon’s departure on CNN differed from Fox News’ approach to the firing of their own anchor, Tucker Carlson, where the fill-in host briefly addressed the news and wished Carlson well.

•Lemon announced his departure in a tweet and expressed shock at the news and not being informed directly by CNN management.

CNN commentator Don Lemon leaves ‘CNN This Morning’

•CNNreleased a statement refuting claims that Don Lemon was fired due to tweets he made

•Lemon was the main host of “CNN This Morning” that was criticized for its low ratings and advertisers pulling out

•Criticism mounted after Lemon made remarks about Republican candidate Nikki Haley’s age and other women

•“CNN This Morning” had only an average of 360,000 viewers in February, lagging behind rivals MSNBC and Fox News

•Journalists Paul Farhi and Herb Scribner contributed to the report

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