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Question Answering

Question Answering Description: Ever wished you could just ask your content a question and get an instant answer? That's exactly what Mindgrasp's Q&A feature is here for. It's like having an expert by your side, able to answer any question about the content in your digital library - turning it into an interactive knowledge base. What it does Imagine

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Chrome extension

Your research and learning aren't confined. Why should your tools be? With compatibility across numerous platforms, learning becomes borderless. Transition from web surfing to profound understanding within seconds, even on platforms like Canvas, Panopto, and Blackboard.

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Web Search

Combine the depth of your uploaded content with the vastness of the internet. It's not just about answering questions; it's about enhancing them with globally sourced insights, backed by credible references. Web search makes research and finding sources to your questions a breeze!

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Passive reading has its limits and in the vast sea of learning, remembering the crucial details can be a challenge. Our tool is designed to identify and emphasize those key points, transforming them into automatically generated, easily digestible flashcards that aid in long-term retention.

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Enhance your learning journey with MindGrasp's Automatic Quizzes feature. As absorbing content is one side of the coin, truly understanding it requires testing. Our tool efficiently reads through your content and crafts quizzes, offering an interactive way to gauge your grasp on the subject matter.

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Short Summaries

In today's information-rich world, getting straight to the point is key. Our short summary feature digests your content, in whatever format, and boils it down to its most important points, offering quick summaries and main takeaways. It's not just about text; from audio to visual content, get summaries that cater to various formats, making your information intake smoother.

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Smart Notes

Our smart notes feature reinvents your content consumption process. This tool seamlessly digests information from a variety of sources, distilling it into structured, detailed, and comprehensive notes. Eradicate the traditional method of manual note-taking, and allow our AI to intuitively pinpoint and present the pivotal components for your content for you.

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