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Your research and learning aren't confined. Why should your tools be? With compatibility across numerous platforms, learning becomes borderless. Transition from web surfing to profound understanding within seconds, even on platforms like Canvas, Panopto, and Blackboard.

What it does

The extension brings the magic of MindGrasp to your browser. Navigate any website, access lectures on Panopto, or go through coursework on Canvas and Blackboard. Whenever you encounter content you wish to engage with, the extension jumps into action. From generating detailed notes to answering any question about the content, it's all right there. Want more? Export the content directly to MindGrasp's main platform for a deeper dive and use all the robust features you love, be it flashcards, web search, and more.

Use Cases :


Browsing a relevant article for your essay? Studying a lecture on Panopto or sifting through resources on Canvas? Don't juggle tabs or apps. Use the Chrome extension to instantly generate notes, or answer any question you may have about your lectures and assignments. Once done, move it all to MindGrasp with a click, organizing and expanding as you wish.


Researching industry trends? Engaging in online workshops or webinars? Enhance your comprehension on-the-fly. Use the extension to pull notes, ask questions or dive deeper into specifics. And if a project or presentation is on the horizon, collate and export your findings to MindGrasp for a structured review, then share your findings with your colleagues through one link.


No need to copy, paste, or switch between platforms. The extension works where you work, saving precious time. With the extension, dissect research papers instantly, generate initial insights, or flag content for deeper investigation. Once your online exploration is complete, consolidate your data by exporting to MindGrasp, ensuring a holistic view of your research topic.

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