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Enhance your learning journey with MindGrasp's Automatic Quizzes feature. As absorbing content is one side of the coin, truly understanding it requires testing. Our tool efficiently reads through your content and crafts quizzes, offering an interactive way to gauge your grasp on the subject matter.

What it does

Automatic Quizzes takes your content—whether it's an in-depth article, a podcast episode, or even a recorded lecture—and transforms it into a set of quiz questions. Instead of just consuming the material, now you can actively engage with it, challenging yourself and ensuring that the key takeaways are firmly cemented in your understanding. Then receive immediate feedback on your performance, as Mindgrasp automatically scores your quiz and highlights the correct answers.

Use Cases :


The realm of academics demands not just reading but also retention. Instead of passive studying, use Automatic Quizzes to actively test your knowledge. Whether it's a textbook chapter, lecture note, or a research article, transform it into a quiz to better prepare for exams and presentations.

Educators and Trainers

For educators, it means less time crafting evaluation materials and more time focusing on instructional content. Have a lesson plan or a specific topic you covered in a session? Simply input it into MindGrasp. This feature will generate a comprehensive quiz that isn't just a basic Q&A. It delves into the nuances of the content, ensuring learners aren't just memorizing facts but genuinely understanding concepts. Trainers benefit immensely too, especially in fast-paced fields. After a training session, immediate assessments can be rolled out, ensuring the retention of vital points.


When immersing in new theories, methodologies, or academic content, validation of understanding is paramount. It's not just about recalling facts; it's about comprehending the broader implications and the minute details. Use MindGrasp's quiz feature to assess how well you've internalized new information, aiding in a thorough comprehension before integrating insights into your work.

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