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Combine the depth of your uploaded content with the vastness of the internet. It's not just about answering questions; it's about enhancing them with globally sourced insights, backed by credible references. Web search makes research and finding sources to your questions a breeze!

What it does

Got a question about your uploaded content? MindGrasp's Q&A isn't restricted to just that. Activate Web Search, and it leaps onto the internet, fetching data and resources relevant to your question. And it doesn't stop there. Every answer comes with clickable references, ensuring you can trace back the source Mindgrasp used to answer your question and delve deeper if needed.

Use Cases :


Ever faced the daunting task of combing through countless websites for that perfect piece of information for your research or thesis? Enter MindGrasp's Web Search. It becomes your dedicated digital research assistant, cutting down hours of tedious web searching. Pose a question and watch as it pulls not just answers, but diverse perspectives and sources. Whether it's historical data, scientific journals, or latest news pieces, get comprehensive insights. Plus, with the references provided, citing your sources in your academic work becomes hassle-free.


The business and professional realm demands swift, accurate, and well-sourced information. Whether you're preparing for a crucial client pitch, needing the latest industry stats, or seeking insights into market trends, MindGrasp's web search is there. Instead of spending hours trawling through the web, simply query your topic of interest. MindGrasp fetches the data, and offers it up, along with relevant references, without the usual research grind.


Deep dives, comprehensive studies, or intricate analysis – the life of a researcher is built on these. But every researcher knows the value of time and the challenge of sieving through endless content online. With Web Search, Transform your preliminary findings or hypotheses into structured research queries. From there, let MindGrasp traverse the vast expanse of the internet, pulling in supplementary data, related studies, or alternative perspectives, each backed by its source. It's like having an always-on research assistant, ensuring you have a holistic view of your research domain.

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