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Summary and Detailed Notes for Chapter 3 of The Lord of the Flies

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Brief Summary of Chapter 3

Jack’s Pig Hunt
Jack is tracking pigs in the forest, using clues like broken twigs and hoofprints. He is desperate to find them, and uses his senses to search for clues. He eventually finds droppings that are still warm, indicating the pigs have recently passed through. Jack is hunting in the forest and hears a sound from a pig-run. He throws his spear and hears the sound of hooves running away.

Ralph and Jack’s Conversation
He finds Ralph by a shelter near the lagoon and gets some water. Ralph is frustrated that the other boys are not helping him build the shelters. Ralph and Jack discuss the need for shelters and meat on the island, and Jack’s compulsion to hunt. They also mention the fear of the other boys, as if something sinister is lurking on the island. Ralph and Jack argue about the importance of being rescued vs. hunting for meat, with Ralph wanting to be rescued and Jack wanting to hunt for meat.

Ralph and Jack’s Exploration
Ralph and Jack explore the beach, find Simon gone, and plan to search for a pig and build a shelter.

Simon’s Adventure
Simon has gone into the forest with an air of purpose. Simon finds fruit for the littluns, then explores the jungle and finds a clearing with a fallen tree and a mat of creepers. He hides in the middle of the mat and listens to the sounds of the island as evening approaches.

The Candlebuds’ Scent Takes Over
The candlebuds open their white flowers in the darkness, releasing their scent and taking possession of the island.

Detailed Notes on Chapter 3

Jack’s Hunt for Pigs on the Beach

•Jack was bent double, searching for clues on the humid earth.

•He noticed a loop of creeper with a polished tendril, indicating pigs had passed through.

•He closed his eyes, raised his head and breathed in the warm air, assessing for information.

•He scanned the uncommunicative forest and stole forward.

•He startled a gaudy bird from a primitive nest of sticks.

•At the trunk of a vast tree, he noticed warm droppings and turned earth.

Building Shelters and Pig-Runs in the Forest

•Jack heard something moving on a pig-run wide enough to be a path and threw his spear.

•He then heard the quick, hard patter of hoofs and rushed out to retrieve his spear.

•Jack then pushed his way through the forest until he found a light grey clearing with a lagoon and he saw Ralph by a shelter of palm trunks and leaves that was close to falling down.

•Ralph had been working on the shelter for days but the littluns and older ones were not helping, rather they were off bathing, eating, or playing.

•Simon suggested Ralph should tell them off as he was chief.

Meeting and Shelters: Creating a Home on the Island

•Discussions of the need to create a shelter on the island are discussed.

•Jack and Ralph discuss their desire for meat and the need to make barbs on their spears.

•The underlying tension between Jack and Ralph is apparent.

•The littluns are scared and can be heard screaming in the night.

•Simon suggests that the beastie or snake-thing is real.

•Jack and Ralph remember the glamour of the first day when they went exploring.

•They agree that they need shelters to create a home on the island.

The Appeal of Hunting and the Need for Rescue

•Jack and Ralph discuss the appeal of hunting and the need for rescue.

•Jack is passionate about hunting, while Ralph is focused on getting rescued.

•Jack describes the feeling of being hunted while in the forest.

•Ralph realizes they need to make more smoke to signal for rescue.

•Jack is more interested in catching a pig than getting rescued.

•Ralph is frustrated with Jack’s obsession with hunting and not noticing the huts they have built.

•They argue about their different priorities and the need for rescue.

Love and Hate in the Bright Beach

•Ralph and Jack faced each other on the bright beach, astonished by their feelings.

•Piggy pointed out how people aren’t always as you expect them to be.

•Jack offered to help Ralph with the shelters while he went for a bathe.

•When they arrived at the shelters, Simon was nowhere to be seen.

•Jack and Ralph were baffled by their love and hate for each other.

•Simon, a small, skinny boy with a mop of black hair, had gone into the forest with an air of purpose.

•He made his way through the acres of fruit trees, looking for an easy meal.

The Island’s Evening Commencement

•Simon encountered a variety of natural phenomena while exploring the island, from bees at pasture to a patch of rock and a fallen tree in an open space.

•He briefly appeared almost furtive when he looked round to confirm he was alone, before bending down to worm his way into the center of a mat walled by dark aromatic bushes.

•Here, he observed a pair of gaudy butterflies dancing in the hot air and listened to the sounds of the island slowly fading as evening advanced.

•Finally, he viewed the deep sea breaking miles away on the reef and heard the susurration of his own blood before dropping the leaves back into place.

The Candlebuds in the Fading Light

•The slope of the bars of honey-colored sunlight decreased, sliding up the bushes and over the green candle-like buds toward the canopy.

•As the light faded, the riotous colors died and the heat and urgency cooled away.

•The candlebuds stirred, their green sepals drew back and the white tips of the flowers rose up to meet the open air.

•The sunlight lifted clear of the open space and withdrew from the sky, darkness poured out submerging the ways between the trees.

•The candle-buds opened their wide white flowers glimmering under the light from the first stars, and their scent spilled out into the air.

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