Marketing Internship 2023

Mindgrasp - a fast-growth AI startup - is looking for several creative interns to join our growing marketing team.
If you want to be appreciated for your hard work, attention to detail and creative thinking, we want to speak with you.

Here’s what you’ll be diving into as our prized intern:

  •  Channeling your creativity to craft engaging social media campaigns, email marketing narratives, and multimedia content that beckons prospective users to explore our services further.
  • Building vibrant connections with our expansive follower base on platforms like TikTok, where our content has already stirred up a massive wave of engagement.
  • Identifying and initiating collaborations with influential social media personalities, fostering vital brand partnerships that amplify our reach.
  • Spearheading multivariate testing to enhance campaign outcomes, utilizing analytical tools to track and tweak performance metrics.
  • Crafting compelling case studies that narrate the success stories of our users, highlighting the transformative potential of our platform.

Throughout your journey, you’ll demonstrate:

  • Bringing fresh marketing ideas to the table, with a special emphasis on video content creation.
  • A drive for learning, adapting, and implementing emerging strategies to captivate our target audiences.
  • Incredible work ethic, coupled with a propensity to thrive in team settings, contributing to our fun and friendly work culture.
  • Thrive in a dynamic environment, translating challenges into opportunities for growth and learning.

About Mindgrasp:

Mindgrasp is a platform that helps over 25,000 students get work done faster by providing an AI Tutor that can generate notes, summaries, flashcards, quizzes, and can answer any question about any  content they upload (Panopto Lectures, PDFs, Files, Textbooks, etc.). Over 1,000 new students sign up for Mindgrasp every week. The company was founded at the University of Maryland and has struck viral recognition on major social platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter). Withover 50 million views on social media, they are looking for new talent to join the mission of making learning – easy, fun, and accessible.

How to get this Job

We feel that your creative talent is best expressed through your examples. For this intern role, don’t worry about your past experience. Send us something creative that highlights your capabilities along with your resume. 

Examples of your creativity (pick one and send us your sample):

  • TikTok or Insta Reel
  • Storyboard
  • A fun Skit
  • An advertisement you wrote
  • A creative essay from your favorite class
  • Video about yourself

Show us your story – craft an ad, design a landing page, or produce a video that encapsulates your passion, skills, and drive. Remember, in this role, the art of storytelling reigns supreme. Let your creativity shine, and let’s pen a success story together! We’ll look at your creative work before we read your resume. Send your creative application and resume to today!