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Mindgrasp vs. Otter.ai: Which summarizer to use?

Wondering which summarization tool is best for you? Check out this comparison of Mindgrasp and Otter.ai.

Published by Mindgrasp on January 18th, 2023

Are you looking to save time and energy when summarizing your materials for a group project or paper? Then having the right summarizer can make all the difference in completing your work quickly and efficiently. With so many available, it can be tough to decide which one works best for you. In this post, we’ll compare Mindgrasp vs. Otter.ai — two of the most popular summarization tools — to see which suits your needs best!

You’ll get an overview of their features, pricing plans, and how each may benefit you based on different criteria such as saving time and providing effective summaries. After reading this post, you’ll have an easier time deciding whether Mindgrasp or Otter is the better option for getting quick summaries of your documents – no matter what they are!


Mindgrasp is the latest, cost-effective tool designed for students. Combining both AI capabilities and a user-friendly platform, Mindgrasp offers much more than its competitors like Otteri.ai and Fireflies.ai at only $6.99! Not to mention that it doesn’t just work with text passages; you can add sources through files, links, or even paste directly from your source box if necessary.

What’s more, is its ability to answer questions about content in long reading materials quickly and accurately – an unparalleled feature amongst other programs at this price! Whether tackling grueling textbook readings or lengthy lecture videos – MindGrasp helps make understanding easier so you don’t have to worry as much when studying next time around!


Otter.ai is centered around streamlining summaries and notes from meetings. It transcribes sources in real time to then provide notes. The site is sleek and their tool is effective at what it does, however, it lacks in the variety of sources that can be uploaded. 

It is a powerful tool but as a notetaker and summarizer, it is limited to audio and video sources. Its cost structure is higher than competitors at $100/month or $16.99/month. This covers the extension that considers meetings add-ons and real time feedback, however, similar resources exist at a lower cost.

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Overall, all both of these products are good in their own ways and offer different features for different people. Otter.ai is a great transcription tool for business professionals who need to transcribe important meetings quickly and easily. Mindgrasp is the newest product on the market and offers more features than both Otter.ai making it the most cost-effective option for students who need help with taking notes or generating questions from sources. If you’re looking for an AI tool to help you with transcribing, summarizing, or just studying in general, be sure to check out Mindgrasp.