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Mindgrasp vs. Quillbot: Which summarizer tool should you use?

With so many tools and new AI news overwhelming us, how do you choose the right tool to supercharge your semester?

We got you covered! Our team has tried out different tools, analyzing their various features to give you the best recommendation for your needs.  


Mindgrap’s tool is designed for students. Unlike Quillbot, Mindgrasp uses artificial intelligence to generate summaries and detailed notes on anything you upload. When adding sources you are given the option to upload a file, add a link, or paste the text passage into the source box. The great thing about Mindgrasp is that there are absolutely no limits on what you can upload or how long your source can be.

What supercharges Mindgrasp over its competitors is the way it will work with any source. After testing a variety of sources ranging from my grueling business statistic lectures to lengthy assigned TedTalk YouTube videos, the tool breezed through the summary generation without a problem. Lastly and our favorite feature is that it can answer paragraph and free-response questions directly from the reading. 

There aren’t many downsides to Mindgrasp’s tool, however, it does cost $6.99/month to use after 3 free tries. As it stands this beats out competitors and with ChatGPT launching a paid service, this is a steal and prices may rise as demand increases. 


Quillbot is a cool, yet simple AI tool for creating summaries of longer texts. Their website features a large box to paste your reading’s text to be summarized at your chosen length in the adjacent box. Unfortunately, they only allow you to paste copied text, so using Quillbot on larger readings is difficult. Additionally, there are limits for how much text you can paste on both their free and paid versions.

Quillbot’s primary tool is this paraphraser and summarizer. The biggest pro to this tool is that this feature is completely free to use. Their other tools are hidden behind a monthly paywall of $20. These other tools include a grammar checker, a plagiarism checker, a cowriter, and a citation generator.

At such a steep monthly cost, similar free services that accomplish the same tasks come to mind. Easybib, Grammarly and Turnitin will fill in these needs completely free.

Check out Mindgrasp!

All in all, as time goes on, tools built on artificial intelligence are going to keep cropping up. They will assist with a variety of tasks that will make us more efficient and productive. The game is changing for students and if you want to stay ahead of the curve, check out Mindgrasp’s tool and get in while the price is low!