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Summary and Detailed Notes for Chapter 5 of The Great Gatsby

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Brief Summary of Chapter 5

Arrival to West Egg
The narrator arrives home to West Egg and is alarmed to see Gatsby’s mansion lit up. They talk and Gatsby suggests a business opportunity, but then hesitates. The conversation could be a turning point. Gatsby offers to cut the narrator’s grass, but the narrator declines due to already being busy.

Tea with Daisy
The next day, the narrator invites Daisy over for tea, and Gatsby shows up in a white suit. A man is waiting for guests when someone unexpectedly arrives. He is then surprised by the arrival of his lover, followed shortly by Gatsby. There is a tense atmosphere in the room. Gatsby is distraught when meeting Daisy for the first time in years. Gatsby is embarrassed and makes a terrible mistake. The narrator tries to calm him down and Daisy is equally embarrassed. They make tea and the narrator leaves, followed by Gatsby. It is raining outside.

Gatsby’s Relationship with Daisy
Gatsby and Daisy’s relationship has become more intimate and the narrator witnesses a change in Gatsby’s demeanor. Gatsby invites Daisy over and is excited to show her his house.

Gatsby’s Mansion
Gatsby shows off his mansion to Nick and Daisy, revealing his questionable past in the drug and oil businesses. Daisy is impressed but wonders how he lives there alone. The house feels like it’s full of guests, and Gatsby seems obsessed with impressing Daisy. Klipspringer, a boarder, is discovered doing liver exercises. Gatsby’s bedroom has a toilet set of pure dull gold. With Daisy’s presence, Gatsby becomes overjoyed and shows off his wardrobe of fine clothes. Daisy breaks down in tears over his beautiful shirts.

The Green Light
Gatsby mentions the green light at the end of Daisy’s dock. Gatsby shows Daisy and Nick a photo of his former best friend, Dan Cody, and a small photo of himself at 18 in yachting attire. They are interrupted by a phone call and Daisy admires the pink clouds outside.

Klipspringer Plays Piano
Gatsby invites Klipspringer to play piano for them. Gatsby urges Nick to play while the wind howls and thunder rumbles outside. As Nick leaves, Gatsby’s happiness is cast into doubt, but he and Daisy remain lost in their intense connection.

Detailed Notes on Chapter 5

Chapter 5 of The Great Gatsby

•The narrator arrives home to see that Gatsby’s house is brightly lit.

•The narrator meets Gatsby and suggests going to Coney Island or swimming. Gatsby eagerly waits for the narrator to suggest a suitable day.

•Gatsby hesitates when it comes to bringing up business propositions before asking if the narrator makes much money. The narrator admits to not earning much.

•Gatsby reveals that he has a “side business” and suggests the narrator might be interested in it as it could earn him some “nice bit of money.”

Gatsby’s Visit

•The narrator recalls turning down an offer that could have turned into a crisis of his life.

•The offer was for a service to be rendered, but the narrator refused because he already had his hands full.

•The person who made the offer thought the narrator was shying away from a business engagement mentioned at lunch.

•The narrator invites Daisy to tea and asks her not to bring Tom.

•A man sent by Gatsby arrives to cut the narrator’s grass.

•Gatsby arrives at the narrator’s house in a white flannel suit, silver shirt, and gold-colored tie.

•Gatsby looks pale and exhausted.

•The narrator and Gatsby scrutinize lemon cakes together.

•The rain subsides into a damp mist late in the afternoon.

Gatsby’s Encounter with Daisy

•Gatsby looks vacant and restless while waiting for Daisy.

•Gatsby abruptly decides to go home due to no one coming for tea.

•Gatsby and the narrator see a car approaching and get excited.

•Daisy arrives and greets them while wearing a lavender hat.

•Daisy asks if Gatsby is in love with her.

•Daisy wants the chauffeur, Ferdie, to go away.

•The living room is deserted, but Gatsby suddenly appears.

•Gatsby looks pale and tragic while standing in a puddle of water.

•Daisy greets Gatsby, and they exchange awkward small talk.

•Gatsby feigns ease and boredom, but his nervousness is apparent.

Awkward Encounter at Gatsby’s

•Gatsby’s head leans back so far that it hits a clock, and he stares at Daisy with distraught eyes.

•Gatsby and Daisy awkwardly mention meeting before, and Gatsby apologizes for the clock incident.

•They talk about not seeing each other for five years, and physical decency is established as they make tea.

•Gatsby follows the protagonist into the kitchen and whispers that their encounter is a mistake.

•The protagonist scolds Gatsby for acting like a little boy and leaves through the back.

•The protagonist stares at Gatsby’s house from under a tree in the rain.

Scenes from The Great Gatsby

•Description of an old church steeple, built by a brewer, and his failed plan to start a family

•Americans’ refusal to be peasantry

•Arrival of raw materials for Gatsby’s servant’s dinner, but he himself doesn’t eat anything

•Silence within Gatsby’s house after the rain stops, an air of emotional tension

•Daisy’s tear-streaked face and Gatsby’s glowing presence in the room

•Gatsby’s joy and excitement at the sunshine, invites Daisy to his house

•Daisy goes to wash her face, leaving Gatsby and the narrator on the lawn

•Gatsby boasts about his house catching the light

Gatsby’s Wealth and Business Ventures

•Gatsby boasts about his wealth, attributing it to earning and inheritance.

•He admits to losing most of his inheritance in the war.

•Gatsby initially avoids answering questions about his business ventures, then claims to have been in the drug and oil business.

•Daisy expresses admiration for Gatsby’s mansion and his ability to keep it filled with interesting people.

•As they tour the mansion, Daisy seems to sense hidden guests in every room.

•In Gatsby’s apartment, he offers his guests Chartreuse and constantly observes Daisy’s reactions to his possessions.

The Great Gatsby: Gatsby’s possessions and Daisy’s emotional reaction

•Gatsby is dazed by Daisy’s presence and stares at his possessions as though they’re no longer real.

•Gatsby’s bedroom is simple except for a toilet set of pure dull gold.

•Daisy takes a brush from Gatsby, who’s consumed with wonder at her presence and runs down like an overwound clock.

•Gatsby shows off his massed suits, dressing-gowns, ties, and shirts of various materials and colors.

•Daisy sobs stormily into the shirts while admiring their beauty.

•Gatsby points out the green light at the end of Daisy’s dock, which once seemed near but now appears distant.

•Gatsby’s count of enchanted objects has diminished by one.

The Great Gatsby – Chapter 5 Analysis

•The narrator examines various objects in Gatsby’s room, including a photograph of Mr. Dan Cody.

•Gatsby shows Daisy a picture of himself from his youth and a collection of clippings about her.

•The phone interrupts their conversation, and Gatsby talks to someone about a business matter.

•Daisy points out a beautiful view of the sea, and expresses a desire to push the narrator around in a pink cloud.

•Gatsby suggests they have Klipspringer play the piano, and they all go to the music-room.

•When Klipspringer plays “The Love Nest,” Gatsby and Daisy sit across the room from the narrator.

A literary analysis of an excerpt from The Great Gatsby

•Gatsby commands the speaker to play despite their objections.

•The sound of thunder and bright lights of West Egg generate excitement in the air.

•The lyrics of the song highlight the disparity between the rich and the poor.

•The illusion of Gatsby’s dream has taken on a life of its own, beyond the realm of reality.

•Gatsby’s emotions are stirred by Daisy’s voice, which the speaker considers to be a “deathless song.”

•The intensity of Gatsby and Daisy’s connection isolates the speaker in their presence.

•The speaker leaves the scene, leaving Gatsby and Daisy “possessed by intense life.”

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