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New AI Tool Goes Viral Among Students

Published by Mindgrasp on January 14, 2023

A new Artificial Intelligence tool that helps students automatically summarize long texts, textbook readings, lectures, and YouTube videos is going viral on tiktok.

The next generation of schoolwork is being ushered in by companies expanding upon ChatGPT’s powerful writing tool. In the aftermath, AI tools seem to be cropping up everywhere on Tiktok. ChatGPT blew up and now resources are becoming more advanced and relevant to the needs of students. One tool, Mindgrasp.ai, is making waves in the industry and just struck users’ Tiktok’s around the world. 

Have you ever been overwhelmed by massive text paragraphs? Sensation struck when our social media manager, Rosie, received a multi-paragraph breakup text and ran it through our predictive modeling AI-powered summary generator. This recent post totaled 3.6 million views and featured a glance at the screen with the clear and concise summary from Mindgrasp made in real time. Those are the worst kinds of texts someone can receive, but who could blame her? Rather than enduring the mental toll, users can paste into Mindgrasp’s tool for detailed bulleted notes-making this emotionally taxing responsibility a breeze! Now to respond or not to respond… 

Their next viral TikTok totaled over 23,000 views and gave a hands-on account of the student experience. Featured was your average to-do list of items like “Read chapter 1 of The Lord of the Flies,” “Watch Econ TedTalk” and “Read 10 sources for research paper”. These types of assignments can easily be completed in a fraction of the time with the tool, but users weren’t completely pleased. One user commented @nora.zimms on Tiktok replied, “lord of the flies is so bomb though.” among a chorus of users who loved the book. Though this tool can take away from the authentic literature, it works just as well for those brutal and demoralizing textbook readings. 

@mindgrasp.ai using Mindgrasp, you can take something that should take 4 hours and turn it into a few minutes. Mindgrasp generates notes, summaries, and answers questions with 96% accuracy! #lifehack #lifehacks #studytok #studyhacks #student #school #college #newyear #christmas ♬ original sound - vxrtzs

Chronic procrastinators are excited to start the next semester strong with all the potential AI tools, but these services like ChatGPT are getting overwhelmed with userbases skyrocketing. Evolutions in machine learning are changing the way students work and new companies are on the horizon yet many of these tools are struggling to keep up with the demand. Mindgrasp has the capability to change your semester so don’t wait too long to ride the new wave!

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